Impact van bloggen op organisch zoeken

Many individuals and companies don’t recognize the power of blogging as a valid outlet for Marketing. One advantage that I would like to provide you is the importance of organic search (people trying to find you through search engines) and the effects of blogging.

Ik heb twee sites om te vergelijken, Salariscalculator als Over invloed en integratie. Payraise Calculator is a static site where the content does not get adjusted on a regular basis. There are specific search terms that Payraise Calculator is found with over and over again. You’ll see this in the results of organic search through Google on the site over time in the following chart. I did do some Search Engine Optimization and changed some of the content recently.

Payraise Calculator - Statische inhoud
Payraise Calculator in de loop van de tijd

Because the content of On Influence changes on a daily basis, the amount of search terms continues to change. The added content makes the site ‘findable’ with multiple search terms and key words. Because the content continues to change, the site is checked by search engines often and re-indexed based on those findings. Note the change in organic search through Google over time:

Over invloed en automatisering - Dynamische inhoud
Over invloed en automatisering in de loop van de tijd

If you’d like to do this same report using Google Analytics, you can go to Referring Source (in this case, Google), set your date range, and then click on the double arrow and select ‘Data Over Time’:

Google Analytics-gegevens in de loop van de tijd

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