De geheime kunst van digitale marketing

kunst digitale marketing infographic

This infographic from Hostgator bounces around between advertising and promotion, tools and actual digital marketing events. SEO is a strategy, but Analytics isn’t a strategy – it’s a tool to help determine the strategy. Paid marketing is part of an overall strategy but not a strategy in and of itself. And conversion isn’t a strategy, it’s the result of a strategy. Kind of weird how they put it together, but there are some tools, tidbits, and stats that provide value.

Hostgator: Properly marketing something in the digital realm can seem elusive and mysterious. There’s multiple avenues that must be simultaneously tracked and measured in order to ensure you are doing an optimal job, and getting the most bang for your buck.

I don’t believe marketing in the digital realm is elusive nor mysterious. Never before have we had the type of tools at our disposal to make intelligent decisions. And without a mention of mobile marketing, video strategies, and email marketing – I think this infographic missed the mark.


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