Panguin: bekijk de impact van wijzigingen in het Google-algoritme

google panda

Sometimes the simple tools are the most valuable. Time after time, our clients wonder whether or not they’ve been impacted by the algorithm changes that Google continues to roll out. We don’t tend to worry about them as much as we had in the past – in all honesty de algoritmen zijn verbeterd so well that we focus more on writing better content and ensuring that it’s easy to share.

If you’d like to really keep closer tabs on the algorithm, wouldn’t it be nice to overlay the actual algorithm updates with your organic search traffic to see if there’s been any impact? That’s exactly what Barracuda is providing with its tool called Panguin. Log in op de tool, selecteer het analytics account that you’d like to analyze, and the tool overlays your organic search traffic with the dates of Google Panda, Penguin and any other significant algorithm change.

panguin mtb

As you can see, we took a dip on a Penguin Exact Match release. We’ve been fighting other domains that have been stealing our content as well as ensuring that our domains are properly redirecting. We want to make sure we don’t have any domains out there with a significant amount of duplicate content coming from us.

Erin en zijn team van SEO-professionals bij Sitestrategieën gaf me deze tool tijdens onze wekelijkse show, Rand van de webradio – we’re a sponsor of the show.

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