Genereer dynamisch zoekwoorden voor advertenties

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Tijdens het lezen John Chow’s site, I had forgotten that I signed up for AuctionAds but never actually put the code in my site. Tonight I added the code on my single posts between the post content and the comment section. I’m looking forward to seeing how they perform.

AuctionAds has a nice feature where you can actually specify the keywords that you’d like to generate advertisements with. Rather than figure out some common ones for my entire site, I put the Ultieme Tag Warrior-plug-in om (opnieuw) te gebruiken!

'%tag%', 'default'=>'; %tag%'),3); ?>; keyword81; keyword861";
auctionads_color_border = "CCCCCC";
auctionads_color_bg = "FFFFFF";
auctionads_color_heading = "9F07428";
auctionads_color_text = "468";
auctionads_color_link = "60f00";
auctionads_options = "n";-->

AuctionAds requires that you format your keywords for the ad with semi-colons as the delimiter. As a result, you need to custom format the output of the Ultimate Tag Warrior code. I’ve formatted mine to list the first tag and then put a semi-colon and space between the rest. In addition, I’ve specified a maximum of 3 keywords maximum to be displayed and followed it with 3 default keywords that I know will always display an ad.

Targeting the Ad to the content should result in a lift in the click-through rates on the advertisement. I recently tested Google Adsense vs. Google Referrals on one of my targeted site and Adsense had about 8 times the click-through rate. Relevance on advertising is everything! If you don’t supply relevant advertising, you’re just going to irritate your readers or they’ll grow to ignore the ads. No one wants that!

Een notitie: When you actually test the code, you may not bring back any result at first. The folks at Auction Ads state that it takes some time to build those keyword results. I’m not sure how long it takes. You can still get referral revenue off of the Auction Ads interface, though!

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